Parenting Teenagers- be the Parent your Child Needs

Does your chatterbox daughter now use head nods or sullen answers to everything? Are you worried that something terrible must have happened to your lovely son, to start behaving the way he does now? Probably, s/he is now a teenager. It is normal and if you survived it, certainly your kids will too.

Parenting teenagers can be quite challenging and difficult. In fact, teenagers are among the most difficult individuals to relate and live with. It is during this time that your kids will become so difficult that you will consider trying being harsh, just to teach them lessons. But it is natural and in fact very important that your child goes through this phase. This is the transition period between which your child undergoes various changes physically, mentally and even emotionally. And even though it may seem otherwise, it is during this period that your child will need you most as a parent- for guidance, counseling, love and encouragement! This again is the period that you child is expected to grow from a child to an adult and what happens during that transition will determine the kind of adulthood such a child will have. As such, it is therefore important that you act as the good parent you are.


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