Parenting your Child in the Effective Way

It is often said that the biggest asset of a human life are their children because they keep your teachings and learning alive through generations to come. Thus, it becomes the utmost responsibility of the parents to nurture the children in the best possible manner. Most of the times, we refer to our peer group or our parents and other relatives for suggestions regarding parenting our children and at times such suggestions also come in unsolicited. But whatever the source be, we tend to evaluate the advice and try to find a synergy with our case of parenting and follow it expecting the best outcome.

There are four basic types of parenting styles – uninvolved, permissive, authoritarian, and authoritative. The uninvolved parent is too engrossed with their lives and careers and does not bother to spend time with their children. this essentially mean that the children do not receive any emotional support from their children and thus these children do not bother to care or pay heed to their parents who anyways do not have time for their children. The permissive parents are the nice, friendly warm parents who usually share a fantastic relation with their children but these parents are reluctant to specify and codify rules for their children. The authoritarian parent is the strict and disciplinarian parent who wishes their children to follow their orders without question and generally believe in the concept of punishment in case their orders are not followed. The authoritative parents are the liberal parents who want their children to grow up as responsible individuals with a brain of their own and who accept things only after logical examinations and understanding. The authoritative parenting style gives the most effective results while the uninvolved parenting style provides the most disastrous results. Most often parents might adopt certain features of two or more parenting styles though one of the style would be predominant in their behavior.

But in the modern scenario of over busy schedules and hectic work leaves the parents with very low energy to actually work towards our children and thus creating a distance with our children and their needs. In such a scenario, the advices of parents and relatives and the peer group might not be effective always and might require professional advice. This is the time when the parents try to visit a professional practitioner in parenting techniques. The practitioner usually is someone who has gained both knowledge and experience in the subject of parenting so that the best solutions can be suggested to the overtly busy parents in nurturing their children and obtain the best possible outcome can be expected from the sessions. Such parenting programs can either be undertaken face to face or online. With the advent and the spread of technology, the online parenting programs are becoming popular day by day because of their convenience and ease of helping the parents.


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