Parenting can be a very difficult and challenging task, especially when your child has reached the teen years. The teen years of any child’s life are very crucial. During this period, the child not only grows physically, but morally, emotionally and intellectually. For many families, it is a time of confusion and upheaval and can cause conflict between the child and the parents. Therefore, psychologists deem it necessary for parents to understand the teen years and make it a point to improve their parenting skills so as to improve their relationship with the teenager and also the teenagers’ ability to cope with social and emotional conflicts and problems, with their parents or their peers.

There is no denying that parenting teenagers can be hard. Teenagers tend to start off by doing ‘cool’ things like dressing up differently, desperately trying to fit in and start recognizing how they differ from their peers which often lead to conflict in families. During this time, it becomes very important that parents start treating their children as adults. It is important that parents build a trusting relationship with their child as this is the stage where the communication gap is likely to widen the most. This can be done by planning activities together, fulfilling all the promises you make, spending time with them, forgiving their mistakes, talking to them and most importantly listening to them with an open mind, in a nonjudgmental way.

Help build up the child’s self esteem. By praising him and his strengths, help increase his self worth and self confidence so he or she does not need acceptance from his/her peers. Parenting programs are run for parents of young children and teenagers and are designed to enhance family life, parenting practices and behaviors and help make parents feel more confident about their parenting. Since parenting teenagers are one of the most demanding jobs, one has to develop and practice positive discipline techniques and developmental skills.

One such program is an interactive parenting software called Parenting wisely provided by many portals like Family works, Inc. Parenting Wisely offers well designed programs that facilitate the learning of important and necessary parenting skills for the healthy raising of a child. There are well tested programs that are guaranteed to deliver great results. They are available in interactive formats with a total of nine sessions or nine videos that display different teenage behaviors that a family struggles with and includes a question answer round, concluded with a quiz.


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