All parents endeavor to ensure the proper development of their children. By proper development we mean their emotional and physical wellbeing. Parent is an all-encompassing term. He or she can be biological parent, foster parent, older sibling, grandfather, aunt or any other blood relation or a legal guardian. Most of the parents have proper development and welfare of their children in mind. There are exceptional cases when parents become indifferent or neglectful. This happens when parenthood is undesirable or thrust over them. However as most of them are willing parents, they are eager to learn parenting skills if persuaded. Every parent needs to recognize a fact that no two children are alike. Sometimes, parents tend to fall into the age-old trap of comparing the children with their older siblings while chastising them. They barely understand that they are unknowingly planting the seeds of resentment and dissent in the juvenile minds. This is just an example to mention why acquiring parental skill is so important.

As the children should be nurtured from the stage of their infancy, the parents need to acquire parental skill early. The parental skill evolves with the time. Since every child is special as I have mentioned earlier, so dealing with every child will be different. Obviously parenting skill is always evolving and focused on individual. While the emphasis will be on improvement of emotional and behavioral pattern, parents should keep an eye on daily living activities of their children and rectify them if necessary. Parents should ensure good hygiene for them as they are growing. They should be regularly taken to dentists and occasional medical checkup. It is imperative for the parents to make their children eat food at a regular time and go to bed in time too. To enforce discipline of this sort a parent must explain why he or she is doing so .A parent also need to It with a hint of smile on his face or with an act of love but never with a severe screwed up face. To gain confidence and compliance of his children he has to demonstrate his love for them by kissing and hugging as only verbal expression will not be enough. Another thing which is no less important, to teach the children accountability at an early stage They need to learn to own up to their faults, rectify them and accept readily the consequences. But as a responsible parent you have to follow the house rules and be accountable.


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