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Learn parenting skills to handle your kids better!

It is a fact that parenting cannot be learned but, it comes from day to day experience. Also, one cannot rely on text book tips of parenting, but there are certain parenting skills, which if adopted can help parents to handle their kids in a better manner. Parenting does not just mean giving unconditional support and love to the kids and meet their demands, but it also means passing on values that make them good human beings. Using these skills, parents can help their children become sensitive, responsible, and tolerant individuals who are able to express their feelings and sentiments easily. Teaching something to the children is a gradual process and most of the times, children lean these things watching their parents. It is wrong to expect children react to impulsive teaching. Some of the parenting skills that can help parents make their children responsible citizens are-


# Acting as a role model for the children. Most of the times, children imitates their parents and follow their behaviour. If you want to make your children grow into responsible adults, you have to act as one.


# Always display calm and cool behaviour. Yelling or shouting at the child will not help you when you want to teach him something. Also, there should be no impulsive behaviour in front of the children, so no sudden outbursts.


# If you want to correct your child’s behaviour, you need to use a cool but firm tone with them. This will have a lasting effect on them instead of shouting and yelling.

 1. Be a role model for your child. Remember he imitates you, discover the world and precisely the adult world through your own behaviour. Be the adult you want your child to become.

# If your child is behaving badly, instead of shouting or screaming at him, it is best to make him sit and understand the consequences of such behaviour and how is it going to impact on his future life. Once the child understand his bad behaviour, he will consciously try to make things right. Parents must always reward a nice or good behaviour so that the child understands which behaviour is desirable and which is not. It will help him to learn behaving in a good manner.

# Help your child to enhance his confidence and self esteem. The child must understand that he has the ability to do things and making mistakes once in a while is OK.

All these skills go a long way in making children good human beings.