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Learn parenting skills to handle your kids better!

It is a fact that parenting cannot be learned but, it comes from day to day experience. Also, one cannot rely on text book tips of parenting, but there are certain parenting skills, which if adopted can help parents to handle their kids in a better manner. Parenting does not just mean giving unconditional support and love to the kids and meet their demands, but it also means passing on values that make them good human beings. Using these skills, parents can help their children become sensitive, responsible, and tolerant individuals who are able to express their feelings and sentiments easily. Teaching something to the children is a gradual process and most of the times, children lean these things watching their parents. It is wrong to expect children react to impulsive teaching. Some of the parenting skills that can help parents make their children responsible citizens are-


# Acting as a role model for the children. Most of the times, children imitates their parents and follow their behaviour. If you want to make your children grow into responsible adults, you have to act as one.


# Always display calm and cool behaviour. Yelling or shouting at the child will not help you when you want to teach him something. Also, there should be no impulsive behaviour in front of the children, so no sudden outbursts.


# If you want to correct your child’s behaviour, you need to use a cool but firm tone with them. This will have a lasting effect on them instead of shouting and yelling.

 1. Be a role model for your child. Remember he imitates you, discover the world and precisely the adult world through your own behaviour. Be the adult you want your child to become.

# If your child is behaving badly, instead of shouting or screaming at him, it is best to make him sit and understand the consequences of such behaviour and how is it going to impact on his future life. Once the child understand his bad behaviour, he will consciously try to make things right. Parents must always reward a nice or good behaviour so that the child understands which behaviour is desirable and which is not. It will help him to learn behaving in a good manner.

# Help your child to enhance his confidence and self esteem. The child must understand that he has the ability to do things and making mistakes once in a while is OK.

All these skills go a long way in making children good human beings.



All parents endeavor to ensure the proper development of their children. By proper development we mean their emotional and physical wellbeing. Parent is an all-encompassing term. He or she can be biological parent, foster parent, older sibling, grandfather, aunt or any other blood relation or a legal guardian. Most of the parents have proper development and welfare of their children in mind. There are exceptional cases when parents become indifferent or neglectful. This happens when parenthood is undesirable or thrust over them. However as most of them are willing parents, they are eager to learn parenting skills if persuaded. Every parent needs to recognize a fact that no two children are alike. Sometimes, parents tend to fall into the age-old trap of comparing the children with their older siblings while chastising them. They barely understand that they are unknowingly planting the seeds of resentment and dissent in the juvenile minds. This is just an example to mention why acquiring parental skill is so important.

As the children should be nurtured from the stage of their infancy, the parents need to acquire parental skill early. The parental skill evolves with the time. Since every child is special as I have mentioned earlier, so dealing with every child will be different. Obviously parenting skill is always evolving and focused on individual. While the emphasis will be on improvement of emotional and behavioral pattern, parents should keep an eye on daily living activities of their children and rectify them if necessary. Parents should ensure good hygiene for them as they are growing. They should be regularly taken to dentists and occasional medical checkup. It is imperative for the parents to make their children eat food at a regular time and go to bed in time too. To enforce discipline of this sort a parent must explain why he or she is doing so .A parent also need to It with a hint of smile on his face or with an act of love but never with a severe screwed up face. To gain confidence and compliance of his children he has to demonstrate his love for them by kissing and hugging as only verbal expression will not be enough. Another thing which is no less important, to teach the children accountability at an early stage They need to learn to own up to their faults, rectify them and accept readily the consequences. But as a responsible parent you have to follow the house rules and be accountable.


Parenting can be a very difficult and challenging task, especially when your child has reached the teen years. The teen years of any child’s life are very crucial. During this period, the child not only grows physically, but morally, emotionally and intellectually. For many families, it is a time of confusion and upheaval and can cause conflict between the child and the parents. Therefore, psychologists deem it necessary for parents to understand the teen years and make it a point to improve their parenting skills so as to improve their relationship with the teenager and also the teenagers’ ability to cope with social and emotional conflicts and problems, with their parents or their peers.

There is no denying that parenting teenagers can be hard. Teenagers tend to start off by doing ‘cool’ things like dressing up differently, desperately trying to fit in and start recognizing how they differ from their peers which often lead to conflict in families. During this time, it becomes very important that parents start treating their children as adults. It is important that parents build a trusting relationship with their child as this is the stage where the communication gap is likely to widen the most. This can be done by planning activities together, fulfilling all the promises you make, spending time with them, forgiving their mistakes, talking to them and most importantly listening to them with an open mind, in a nonjudgmental way.

Help build up the child’s self esteem. By praising him and his strengths, help increase his self worth and self confidence so he or she does not need acceptance from his/her peers. Parenting programs are run for parents of young children and teenagers and are designed to enhance family life, parenting practices and behaviors and help make parents feel more confident about their parenting. Since parenting teenagers are one of the most demanding jobs, one has to develop and practice positive discipline techniques and developmental skills.

One such program is an interactive parenting software called Parenting wisely provided by many portals like Family works, Inc. Parenting Wisely offers well designed programs that facilitate the learning of important and necessary parenting skills for the healthy raising of a child. There are well tested programs that are guaranteed to deliver great results. They are available in interactive formats with a total of nine sessions or nine videos that display different teenage behaviors that a family struggles with and includes a question answer round, concluded with a quiz.

Parenting your Child in the Effective Way

It is often said that the biggest asset of a human life are their children because they keep your teachings and learning alive through generations to come. Thus, it becomes the utmost responsibility of the parents to nurture the children in the best possible manner. Most of the times, we refer to our peer group or our parents and other relatives for suggestions regarding parenting our children and at times such suggestions also come in unsolicited. But whatever the source be, we tend to evaluate the advice and try to find a synergy with our case of parenting and follow it expecting the best outcome.

There are four basic types of parenting styles – uninvolved, permissive, authoritarian, and authoritative. The uninvolved parent is too engrossed with their lives and careers and does not bother to spend time with their children. this essentially mean that the children do not receive any emotional support from their children and thus these children do not bother to care or pay heed to their parents who anyways do not have time for their children. The permissive parents are the nice, friendly warm parents who usually share a fantastic relation with their children but these parents are reluctant to specify and codify rules for their children. The authoritarian parent is the strict and disciplinarian parent who wishes their children to follow their orders without question and generally believe in the concept of punishment in case their orders are not followed. The authoritative parents are the liberal parents who want their children to grow up as responsible individuals with a brain of their own and who accept things only after logical examinations and understanding. The authoritative parenting style gives the most effective results while the uninvolved parenting style provides the most disastrous results. Most often parents might adopt certain features of two or more parenting styles though one of the style would be predominant in their behavior.

But in the modern scenario of over busy schedules and hectic work leaves the parents with very low energy to actually work towards our children and thus creating a distance with our children and their needs. In such a scenario, the advices of parents and relatives and the peer group might not be effective always and might require professional advice. This is the time when the parents try to visit a professional practitioner in parenting techniques. The practitioner usually is someone who has gained both knowledge and experience in the subject of parenting so that the best solutions can be suggested to the overtly busy parents in nurturing their children and obtain the best possible outcome can be expected from the sessions. Such parenting programs can either be undertaken face to face or online. With the advent and the spread of technology, the online parenting programs are becoming popular day by day because of their convenience and ease of helping the parents.

Parenting Teenagers- be the Parent your Child Needs

Does your chatterbox daughter now use head nods or sullen answers to everything? Are you worried that something terrible must have happened to your lovely son, to start behaving the way he does now? Probably, s/he is now a teenager. It is normal and if you survived it, certainly your kids will too.

Parenting teenagers can be quite challenging and difficult. In fact, teenagers are among the most difficult individuals to relate and live with. It is during this time that your kids will become so difficult that you will consider trying being harsh, just to teach them lessons. But it is natural and in fact very important that your child goes through this phase. This is the transition period between which your child undergoes various changes physically, mentally and even emotionally. And even though it may seem otherwise, it is during this period that your child will need you most as a parent- for guidance, counseling, love and encouragement! This again is the period that you child is expected to grow from a child to an adult and what happens during that transition will determine the kind of adulthood such a child will have. As such, it is therefore important that you act as the good parent you are.

Follow Effective Parenting methods to bring up a kid effectively

Parents all around the world are in a steady hunt down the instruction that can lead them to the best parenting. Aptitudes that can suitably train our children, not simply rebuff them, are the apex of parental accomplishment; we’re always looking for the best and best parenting abilities. It’s critical to see, in that inquiry, what precisely we mean by “effective.” Effective Parenting aptitudes that worked in past eras are not generally proper to the current child; the daily papers are brimming with guidance, from editorialists and journalists indistinguishable, which let us know which better than ever routines will work best with our children.

Benefits of using these methods to bring up a child

  • At the same time at last, the best parenting abilities are not anything new.
  • In light of the fact that children, regardless of what amount of the world progressions, are still pretty much the same as they have dependably been.
  • What’s more as opposed to create abilities at parenting our children, the accurate point is to instruct aptitudes to the children themselves.
  • One of the most punctual abilities our children ought to create is the capacity to peruse social circumstances.
  • This might be made into a diversion; magazines, daily papers, and TV programs could be utilized to show children when individuals look upbeat or pitiful, tired or furious.

Where the main importance of the guides lies

As children develop, disappointment to peruse social circumstances can prompt challenge in getting along with others or more regrettable to sticking around with “the wrong swarm.” The second Parenting Programs venture from this position is to teach our children on perusing their own particular passionate states, and regulating their reactions – to pick a reaction that is not only the simplest or most natural, yet one that will be effective. Parenting aptitudes that concentrate on basically calling feelings “terrible” or “negative” do little to help with this; the right and legitimate conduct needs to be supported. Expanding on this establishment, as children get more established, they’ll have to comprehend critical thinking methods to settle on their own choices.